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Arizona Eye Care: Is Latisse® Worth Losing Your Baby Blues?

At Nationwide Vision, our eye doctors are asked all sorts of questions about Arizona eye care and vision. And with so many new eye care advancements being made every day, Nationwide doctors are constantly being asked about new products and prescriptions that are finding their way onto the market.

One such product is Latisse®. Latisse® is a nightly prescription treatment intended to grow longer, darker, fuller eyelashes in just 16 weeks. The liquid topical solution is applied with a sterile applicator to the upper eyelids only, from the base of the lashes toward the inner part of the eye.

And while many may be thrilled to learn of a product that can enhance the appearance of thinning or sparse lashes (known as hypotrichosis, or inadequate lashes, often made more apparent with age), it’s important to fully understand the possible side effects of Latisse® before beginning the regimen.

Though Latisse® is FDA approved and has been shown to provide effective results, as with most prescription treatments, there are a number of warnings and side effects to pay attention to. Perhaps one of the most dramatic side effects is a permanent darkening of iris pigmentation or the colored part of the eye.

Though darkening of the iris does not occur in every patient who uses Latisse®, the side effect is one that has affected a number of patients previously. Even under constant doctor care and supervision, while using Latisse® your eye color may begin to darken and change over the weeks, leaving you with brown eyes instead of your natural blue, green, or hazel.

Another side effect of using Latisse® is skin darkening around the eye area. However this has proved to be only temporary; if the patient stops using Latisse® at any point, not only will the thickening and elongating effects on the eyelashes be reserved, but in several weeks to months, so will the darkening of the surrounding skin.

Unfortunately, the darkening of the iris pigmentation due to Latisse® has proven to be permanent. This means that even if you discontinue using Latisse® once you begin to notice some slight iris pigmentation darkening, there is no way to reverse the effects.

If you are interested in beginning Latisse® or any other product to grow your eyelashes, it’s important to speak with your doctor about all of the possible side effects that may occur. To make an appointment with any one of our Nationwide Vision Arizona eye doctors today, or to learn more about Arizona eye care, visit our website at