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Arizona Eye Care: Five Ways to Prevent Blindness

Here at Nationwide Vision, we take Arizona eye care very seriously. From cataracts to diabetes, from Macular Degeneration to Glaucoma, there are dozens of different eyesight conditions out there that could stand to negatively affect your vision in drastic and dangerous ways. And because we believe that Arizona eye care for both you and your family should always be a top priority, we’ve put together a list of five ways to help you prevent those conditions. From day to day protection to lifestyle alterations, by following these tips, you’ll be sure to take a proactive step toward maintaining a lifetime of healthy vision!

  1. Snag those sunglasses:  From sunscreen to sun protective clothing, we Arizonans are no strangers to keeping ourselves safe under the warm desert rays. And when it comes to protection for our eyes, we should be just as cautious. Because of harmful UV rays (which can damage the retina, the cornea, and the lens), it’s important to always wear proper eye protection, so remember to keep those sunglasses handy year round!
  2. Keeping an eye out: One of the most important things you can do to protect your vision is to constantly keep watch for any changes in your eyesight. From double vision to squinting to a change in eye color, the moment you notice anything different should be the moment you make an appointment with your family eye doctor. Catching a potential problem in its early stages is key to blindness prevention in the long run!
  3. Schedule regular Arizona eye exams: While it’s always important to see your eye doctor if you ever experience a problem, it’s also important to regularly receive an Arizona eye exam. By going in for annual or bi-annual check-ups, it’s much less likely that an eye condition will sneak up on you, and your doctor may be able to stop a problem in its tracks before it’s able to escalate any further.
  4. Prevent eye injuries: Whether you’re an avid gardener or your daughter is a soccer superstar, it’s important to identify and protect against any potential eye injuries you or your family could sustain. If you work with fertilizers or gardening tools, you may want to consider wearing protective goggles while you’re outside. And if your child plays hard on the field, you might want to invest in a pair of eyeguards, perfect for ensuring eye safety during any sports game!
  5. Healthy life, healthy sight: This one may seem obvious, but the better you take care of yourself, the better you’re taking care of your vision. By eating and serving healthful foods and by encouraging your family to stay physically active, you’ll be prolonging good vision and preventing blindness at every step along the way!

Whether it means scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor or a putting together a weekly backyard game of tag with your family, taking steps to prevent vision loss and blindness is one of the most important things you can do. To learn more about preventing blindness or to schedule an Arizona eye exam today, visit us at