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Myths About LASIK

With LASIK vision correction becoming more popular every year, lots of myths about the procedure have popped up. It’s important to know the difference between the myths and the facts. Myth 1: LASIK cannot be used to correct astigmatism In 1997, the FDA approved LASIK for the treatment of astigmatism. Since then, treating regular astigmatism with LASIK is considered routine. Myth 2: LASIK is painful The thought of eye surgery can be a scary for some people. However, most patients who have undergone LASIK reported a “0” or “1” out of 10 in the pain scale. After the procedure you may experience some temporary dryness and photosensitivity, but the procedure itself is widely considered painless. Myth 3: Only people between the ages of 30 and 40 should get LASIK The FDA has approved LASIK for people as young as 21. There are some considerations to be made for older LASIK patients, but age is generally not a factor in one’s eligibility for the procedure. Let Nationwide Vision help you separate fact from fiction. Schedule a LASIK consultation at or call 1-800-EYECARE.