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FAQ’s about Your Post-LASIK Procedure

Congratulations! You’ve just had LASIK surgery. That means you’re already enjoying clearer vision, without having to contend with glasses or contacts. After getting home, you may find yourself with a few questions about basic everyday living.  Here are a few simple answers to some frequently asked questions about life after your LASIK procedure:

How long until I can swim?

You should not submerge your head in a pool for at least two weeks. Stay clear of lakes, oceans, rivers, etc. for at least one month post surgery.

How long until I can exercise?

Non-contact sports can be resumed as soon as you feel comfortable enough with your vision to do so. Do not plan any strenuous activities or important events on the day of your surgery. Avoid activities and any kind of contact sport i.e. squash, racquetball, tennis, boxing, karate etc. that may cause trauma to your eyes for at least a month.  Eye protection is strongly recommended, especially for racquet sports or any other sports that have a risk for eye injury.

When can I shower or take a bath?

Please shower or bathe prior to your surgery. It is safe to shower the next day but it is very important to avoid rubbing your eyes for the first month after surgery.

When can I wear make-up?

Please do not wear any eye make up for 2 weeks post surgery.  We also strongly recommend purchasing new eye make up to avoid infections.

When can I go back to work?

We advise you to take a few days off from work if possible, but many patients return to work the next day after their post-op visit if they are doing well.

How long until I can drive?

It is required for you to have someone who can pick you up post surgery, and to also bring you to your one day post-op.  After your one day post op, if you are feeling comfortable and confident in your driving abilities then you may begin driving again, if the doctor has cleared you to do so.