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World Optometry Day

Most of us take for granted our gift of sight, let alone the dedicated medical professionals that are in charge of caring for our eyes. We try to show our appreciation to our optometrists every day, but on March 23rd the day is dedicated to them as World Optometry Day!

Not to mention, March 26th-30th is World Optometry Week!

Those in the field of optometry care for our eyes in so many ways:

  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Pediatric eye care
  • Geriatric eye care
  • Treatment of various diseases and disorders

In 2014, these dedicated eye care professionals were not only given a day of remembrance and celebration on March 23rd, but an entire week (known respectively as World Optometry Day and World Optometry Week). In honor of the first World Optometry Day, students from seven Optometry schools in Tamil Nadu (a Southernmost State in India) competed in a variety of optometric related competitions.

This academic decathlon ranged from lively ethical debates in the world of optometry to competitions in which teams created 3D models of the human eye. In addition to this competition centered event, several distinguished professionals within the field of optometry spoke to the important relationship amongst optometrists and ophthalmologists in order to deliver the upmost care to their patients.

Although World Optometry Day originated in the country of India, individuals across the globe should all take a brief moment of appreciation not only for their own gift of sight, but to acknowledge the dedicated eye care professionals who make that gift possible.

To demonstrate their support for eye care professionals and their communities, Nationwide Optometry strives to employ local optometrists in all of their offices. As a result, their patients not only receive quality eye care from a talented medical professional, but they receive this care from a neighbor. Whether you live in Arizona, Florida, Las Vegas or Bismarck, we have experienced doctors that would be honored to help with your vision needs.

To show your support on March 23rd, call or stop by your local Nationwide Vision office to schedule an eye exam with one of the doctors of Nationwide Optometry.