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The Frame Game

Choosing the right frames for your glasses can feel a bit like picking out a new car. With so many styles and looks, the whole process can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. What style speaks to me?  How do they work with my face?  Do they complement my features or serve as a distraction?

The great news about wide frame selection is you’ll find a look that truly speaks to your unique style and personality. Frames can make a fashion statement or be as subtle and simply functional as you like. Before stopping by Nationwide Vision, consider these guidelines for picking out a pair of frames that best complement your face shape.

Square Face”— Individuals with a strong jawline, broad forehead and square chin, will want to lean towards choosing frames that are oval and round. Demi Moore and Brad Pitt are good examples of people with Square Face.

Round Face” – If your face shape has similarities to celebrities like Cameron Diaz or Christina Ricci, try going for a pair of glasses that have rectangular and horizontal styles. They will make your face appear longer and thinner.

If you have more of an

Oval Face” – If you have a narrower chin than your forehead accompanied by high cheeks like Julia Roberts or Beyonce`, we’ve got some good news. Almost any kind of frame works well with your face! The shape of the frames will add angles that will actually compliment your face.

Triangle Face” – You will fall into this category if you have a narrow forehead and a face that widens at the cheek and chin. Renee Zellweger and Keith Urban are both good examples. Semi-rimless frames will best accent your upper face and top-heavy styles will balance the width of your jaw.

Now, what about fit?  Do you have a pair of glasses that feel great but it’s just time for a new look?  Take a peek inside the old frames and you’ll see three numbers, such as 45-18-135. These are the frame’s measurements in millimeters for lens diameter, bridge, and temple, respectively. Use these numbers as a guideline of your ideal frame size.