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Brand of the Month: Oakley

Summary of the Brand Oakley

Established in 1975 out of the founder’s Jim Jannard garage, Oakley was a small startup that focused on selling accessories such as protective body-guards, athletic apparel, and sports goggles for motocross and other various extreme sports.  

As Oakley’s line of sports goggles grew in popularity, the brand eventually branched out and started manufacturing their own line of sunglasses focusing on functionality, safety, and style. Oakley eyewear became such a large success that it eventually partnered with Luxottica in 2006 to further become a global phenomenon in the eyewear industry.

Fast forward to today to see that everyone from military members to professional athletes are wearing the tactical yet fashionable brand that is Oakley.

Why We, at Nationwide Vision, Love Oakley

At Nationwide Vision, we carry a wide selection of Oakley eyeglasses and sunglasses, because the brand provides a unique versatility to our patients.

Whether you’re an avid runner that needs a functionally sleek design to improve your overall performance, or you’re a business professional looking for a pair of eyeglasses to show off your sporty sense of fashion Oakley eyewear has the perfect frame just for you.

For many, function is fashion, while for others fashion is function. However, with Oakley eyewear, you can have it both ways!

To find your perfect of Oakley frames, stop by any Nationwide Vision location today!