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Is Your Child Ready for Contacts?

You have heard the same story over and over again for the last three months. “Mom, can I please please get contacts? I promise I’ll take care of them!” Sure, you heard the same story when your daughter begged you to let her get a dog three years ago. Now you might as well add “Professional Dog Caretaker” to your resume. Still, you can tell your daughter really does not like her glasses, and her self-esteem seems to be suffering because of it. How do you really know when to make the transition from glasses to contacts?

Believe it or not, age usually is not the most important factor when considering whether your child should begin the transition to wearing contacts. Most eye doctors first ask you to assess your child’s level of responsibility. Does your child wash their hands, shower, do their chores and complete their homework without needing reminding? See how your child’s level of maturity compares with their motivation for contacts. If they truly want contacts, they may put in the effort to properly care for them, regardless of their past actions.

Consider as well the level of your child’s happiness. Some children may develop low self-esteem with wearing glasses, particularly as they enter into their middle school years. Unfortunately, your child may also be subject to some unfriendly comments from classmates and peers as a result of needing to wear glasses. If using contacts instead results in a significantly higher level of confidence for your child, it may be worth taking the next step in the process.

Fortunately, the next step is a painless one! At Nationwide Vision, we have contact lens professionals available at any of our 63 locations. These individuals can help you and your child consider all components and questions, in addition to developing a plan that works best for everyone. Schedule an appointment at a location near you today!