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Your Baby’s Vision Development

Here at Nationwide Vision, our experienced Arizona eye doctors have answered questions, given advice, and covered a variety of important vision-related topics.

From LASIK to lenses, from sunglasses to sports protection, they’ve worked hard to ensure that you have all of the information you need when it comes to making Arizona eye care a top priority.

And though they’ve often covered vision information relevant to children, this will be the first time they discuss eye care related to babies. For the expectant mother, for the excited father, here are five eye-opening facts about your baby’s incredible vision development:

  • In the womb, your baby’s eyes will begin to form in just five weeks, but won’t be fully formed until around the fourth month. During month seven, your baby’s eyes will open for the very first time, but unlike many other senses, your baby’s vision won’t be fully developed until months after her birth.
  • From the moment of birth to her very first month, your baby will only be able to see 8-12 inches in front of her face. She’ll be able to detect shapes and light, movement and faces, but until month number two, she will be nearsighted.
  • During months two and three, your baby will begin to make the initial color recognition. He will most likely develop an interest in bright primary colors and exciting prints. These colors will catch your baby’s attention, and this will be the first time he begins to follow objects with his eyes.
  • During the fourth month, your baby will begin to develop depth perception. His vision will evolve as quickly as his curiosity, and he will begin to successfully reach for and capture objects in his hands.
  • During month eight, after months of steady development, your baby’s vision will finally resemble that of an adult’s. She will see things clearly, distinguish colors and patterns, and begin to recognize faces and objects, even from far away.

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