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A Summary of Sunglasses for the Summer

As the sweltering heat continues to move through these summer months, it’s important to be prepared with the proper tools to protect ourselves from the sun.

Although I bet many of you know that the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause damage to your skin, did you know your eyes can also get sunburnt? And unlike your skin that has a quick healing process, sun damage to your eyes can cause serious long term side effects. This might sound kind of scary. However, there is an easy and fashionable solution to the problem. Sunglasses.

What Types of Sunglasses Should You Be Wearing?

  • Your first priority should be to find a pair of sunglasses that shield 100% of ultraviolet rays.
  • The tint or color of the lenses on your sunglasses does not impact the level of UV ray protection, so go with a lens shade that feel comfortable to the eye.
  • Sunglasses with bigger lenses or one’s that snuggly wrap around the face are optimal, as they ensure a larger portion of your eyes and face are protected.

Keep the Whole Family Safe from the Sun

Did you know a child’s eyes are more susceptible to ultra violet rays than adults’ eyes due to the fact their eyes have a weaker ability to filter high-energy rays such as those from the sun?

Not to mention they spend so much time outdoors playing sports and spending time with their friends. Which is why it’s so important to take preventative measures to keep your kid’s eyes healthy for decades to come. In other words, take time to find your kids a quality pair of sunglasses as well.

Not sure where to find an excellent pair of sunglasses for you and your family?

Check out Nationwide Vision for all your sunglass needs this summer. For more information concerning your eye health call 1-800-EYECARE or visit a Nationwide Vision near you.