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Preventing Computer Eyestrain

In the last decade, technology has continued to become more and more integrated into our daily work and personal life. In fact, many individuals in office jobs spend close to a full 40 hours a week with their noses glued to their desktops. For the most part, technology is a great asset – we can perform tasks much faster and more efficiently. The downside? Our eyes feel the brunt of the many hours we spend in front of a computer, causing issues primarily related to eyestrain. While you probably can’t minimize the number of hours you spend looking at a computer screen, here are some tips to help give your eyes the break they need.

Schedule a routine eye exam. Preventing eye stress should begin by making sure you can see as clearly as possible. We become much more prone to headaches and eyestrain when our eyes have to work that much harder to see what’s in front of us. Stop by one of our Arizona locations, and we’ll make sure your eyes are ready to help you accomplish what needs to get done.

Make sure you have the right lighting. While you don’t want to sit in a dark office all day, a lot of direct sunlight pouring into your room can compete with the light coming from your computer. Make sure you’ve got a good set of blinds on your windows, and minimize the amount of direct sunlight that shines into your office. Also, instead of using the bright neon lights commonly installed in many office buildings, bring in a large lamp from home to create a space that's more gracious on the eyes.

Blink. Simple, yet effective. Did you know the average person blinks 3x less in front of a computer than elsewhere? This isn’t great for any pair of eyes but is particularly an issue for individuals who wear contacts. Every few hours, give your eyes the hydration they need with some eye drops. Also, make sure you give your eyes a quick break approximately every 30 minutes. By doing so, you’ll minimize the occurrence of headaches, eye irritation and other pains related to eyestrain.