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Preventing and Treating Eyelid Inflammation

Many of us deal with dry, itchy eyes. We get them from everyday environmental elements, allergies, medications, and simply a natural part of the aging process. One of the more frustrating reasons for this unfortunate ailment involves the inflammation of the eyelids – a chronic condition called blepharitis.

Blepharitis is most commonly caused by bacteria from scalp or eyebrow dandruff. Once bacteria formulates on the eyelashes, symptoms include inflamed, sore and irritated eyelids as well as the accumulation of dry, dandruff-like flakes. This condition directly targets your meibomian glands – the part of the eye that produces the oily layer of tear film, which allows your eyes to retain moisture. As a result, the eyes can feel dry, uncomfortable and itchy.

Preventing and treating blepharitis entails frequent lid scrubs. Use a warm compress over the eyelids to break up the crusty flakes and stimulate the release of the oily lipids in your meibomian glands. Next, gently scrub your lids using a mixture of baby shampoo and water. This will help to remove the bacteria and give your eyes some relief. You may also want to consider incorporating an omega 3 fatty acid supplement, which will help to eliminate dryness all over your body.

It’s best to not wear eye makeup while treating blepharitis as bacteria tends to build up quickly while using mascara and other related products. You may also find that your eyes feel increasingly uncomfortable with the use of contact lenses. To minimize your discomfort, consider wearing your glasses for a couple weeks instead. Finally, if you think you may have blepharitis, make sure you schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Your eye doctor will help to better diagnose your symptoms and create a more catered treatment plan.