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“I Never Saw it Coming”

If you’ve been connected with Nationwide Vision for a while, chances are you’ve heard us stress countless times the importance of getting an annual eye exam. These exams test not only for crisp vision but also can check for the early stages of eye disease. That means even if you have great vision, you should still come into one of our locations and get your eyes checked annually. Still not convinced? Listen to this story from a great guy named Tim Hunter, a Creative Director up in Seattle who truly never saw it coming.

“Before last Friday, when I heard the phrase ‘detached retina’, I thought ‘boxing injury’ or something that happens to really old people. (Allow my denial for a while, OK?) Truth be told, within the last five years, an eye doctor told me the strands that connected to my eyes were “thin” and that I should watch for flashing or sighs of trouble and get right in.”

“Well, I didn’t have THOSE signs last Friday, but around 11 am, I noticed a blurriness developing in my left eye. My first thought was that I had once again pushed myself too much and due to lack of sleep, my eye was really dry…. or, worse yet, maybe I had triggered a migraine headache. Not thinking it too serious, I went to the YMCA for my tri-weekly workout… .wrapped things up came back to work and the blurriness worsened. In fact, it looked like my eyebrow was sagging down and blocking my vision. I had actually lost part of it.”

“By 2 pm, I wandered down the halls at work and realized that while I could see the bodies of the people I passed, but I couldn’t see their heads when I covered my right eye. Something was definitely wrong. I headed to the eye doctor at 3:15 pm with no intention of returning to work afterward. He recognized the detached retina right away and immediately sent me to a specialist who informed me that surgery was the solution.”

“Yes, they DO go through the eye to make the repair. They left a band around my eye and a gas bubble inside it. This bubble, when I faced down, pushed up against the retina to help it heal right. This meant 24 hours a day…. sitting at home…sleeping at night, etc…. taking upwards of 8 weeks for the gas to dissipate. Until then, I won’t have complete sight in that eye and I may not even get back my full sight.”

“Those are the realities. That’s what I’m facing. My right eye apparently has the same thinning chords and holes in the retina, but by taking preemptive measures using lasers, I can avoid another incident like this in the future.”

Since this incident, Tim has fortunately regained 80% of the vision in his eye. We’ll leave it to him to state how YOU can benefit from his story.

“DO schedule an annual eye exam and stay on top of your eye health. If you need inspiration, think about it for a moment: could you afford to suddenly stop going to work for a week or worse yet, lose vision in one eye? Then, have to sleep face down for an entire week? I’ve always felt if someone had gone down a road before me, I’d love to hear about the bumps along the way so I could enjoy a smoother trip.”