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How Diabetes Affects Children and Adults Differently

Here at Nationwide Vision, our Arizona eye doctors spent much of November educating our patients about the link between diabetes and ongoing healthy vision.

But while most of their advice and explanation have been directed primarily toward our adult patients, today, we’ll discuss how diabetes affects children and adults in different ways.

Though it certainly is possible, one of the main differences between adults incurring diabetes and children incurring diabetes is that children are much less likely to be affected by Type 2 than adults are. While this means that there is still a possibility that children may be affected by Type 1 (due to genetic predisposition, environmental factors, or any number of unknown causes), with an emphasis on healthy living, incorporating a balanced diet, and fighting early signs of childhood obesity, children will be able to greatly lower their chances of incurring Type 2 diabetes.

That being said, there is still an ongoing chance that both children and adults may be affected by Type 1 diabetes (again, due perhaps by hereditary factors). And unfortunately, with Type 1, there aren’t many differences: regardless of age, the disease often strikes quickly, suddenly, and with the threat of moderate to severe daily complications.

Another factor that makes the experience a different one has to do with the more emotional side of diabetes such as difficulty learning how to care for the disease and nervousness surrounding social acceptance. Unlike children unaffected by diabetes, children with diabetes need to check their blood sugar levels multiple times a day, always be aware of their health, and will often need to notify their school or temporary caregiver of their affliction.

While this can also be challenging for adults, making the vast transition can often be jarring for children and will require open lines of communication as well as parental involvement and support along the way.

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