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The Proof is in the Pupil: The Importance of Eye Exams

Whether they come for a pair of designer sunglasses or to make the switch to contacts for the very first time, Nationwide newcomers are always asking our experienced Arizona eye doctors: just what is so important about scheduling annual eye exams? And because our doctors always put eye care first, they couldn’t be more excited to tell you. Here are the top three reasons for scheduling an Arizona eye exam:

  1. Prevention: While many people believe that eye exams are only necessary once they’ve noticed a change in their vision, in many cases, that condition could have been caught and prevented before any visible symptoms arose. By seeing a trusted Nationwide Vision doctor regularly, you’ll stay one step ahead when it comes to preventing what could turn out to be a harmful health issue.
  2. Treatment and correction: By scheduling an Arizona eye exam, your doctor will be able to put your eyes to the test – from checking your depth perception to checking for evidence of glaucoma. And because, by going in regularly, you’re eliminating the guessing game component, you’ll have access to every trusted form of treatment and corrective service available.
  3. A health check: Though your vision is important all on its own, by scheduling an Arizona eye exam, you’re doing much more than just taking care of your peepers. Because many eye conditions – from glaucoma to nerve damage – stem from a more serious health issue, by getting your eyes checked regularly, you’ll be taking one step closer to ensuring your overall physical health as well.

From back-to-school appointments to regular checkups, annual eye exams can help prevent, treat, and correct harmful health conditions. To learn more about eye exams or to speak with one of our professional Arizona eye doctors today, visit us at