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Preventing Eye Injuries

October is Eye Injury Prevention Month and we want to help you keep your vision healthy throughout your life!

The number one thing you can do to prevent eye injuries is wear protective eyewear. But guess what, more than half of people aren’t doing this. This is super important when performing home repairs and maintenance, and even when playing sports.

Some think that eye injuries are most common on the job. And while some jobs might have a higher risk for eye injury, the majority take place right at home. Most commonly when performing home projects and activities such as home repairs, yard work, cleaning and cooking. Eyes can also be damaged through sun exposure, not just chemicals, dust or objects.

Children are also at risk for eye injuries around the house. The most common causes are from misusing toys, falls from the bed, against furniture, on stairs & while playing with toys. As well as contact with harmful household products like detergents, paint & glue. To help prevent these eye injuries make sure to have safety gates at both top & bottom of stairs, cushion sharp corners on furniture, install cabinet & door locks in kitchen and bathroom, and make sure any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, paint, etc are stored in a secure area.

So again, the most important thing you can do to prevent eye injuries around the home is wear safety glasses! Especially if your projects include using one of the following: lawn mower, leaf-blower, drill & power tools. When choosing safety glasses make sure they have a snug, wrap-style frame to decrease small, airborne particles getting behind the lenses.