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Clear Lens Exchange

Wearing contact lenses and glasses can sometimes feel inconvenient, and it’s for that reason many people choose to improve their vision permanently with laser vision correction techniques, such as LASIK. But before someone can receive LASIK, a patient needs to meet a set of criteria—this is important for the LASIK procedure to be successful. For example, if a patient is over the age of 40, he/she is less likely to be a good candidate for LASIK. Thankfully, there are other effective options for a patient to choose from when it comes to corrective surgery. At Nationwide Vision, we provide a procedure called  Clear Lens Exchange, also known as a refractive lensectomy.

What is Clear Lens Exchange? 

Clear lens exchange is a vision correction surgery that replaces your natural lens. Once the natural lens is removed, the surgeon will replace it with a type of intraocular lens (IOL). There are different types of intraocular lenses, including:

Multifocal IOL implant

Phakic IOL

Accommodating IOL

The type of intraocular lens you receive depends on the vision issue you have, but the lens used will still increase the focusing power of the eye, which means the procedure will limit the need for contact lenses and glasses.

Advantages of Clear Lens Exchange

Similar to LASIK and other vision correction surgeries, Clear Lens Exchange may also correct presbyopia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. This is often a great option for candidates that are over the age of 40, who want reduced spectacle dependence for both distance and reading. Other advantages of Clear Lens Exchange include:

Fast recovery

Outcomes are easy to predict

Excellent improvement of focus and vision problem

Clear Lens Exchange’s technique is frequently compared to cataract surgery, so patients can trust the results and feel comfortable with the overall procedure.

Ideal Candidates for Clear Lens Exchange 

Candidates for Clear Lens Exchanges are often ones who are not ideal candidates for the LASIK procedure. This vision correction surgery is also a great option for people with presbyopia (inability to focus) or extreme farsightedness. You may also be a good candidate if you’ve decided that you no longer want to depend on contact lenses or glasses.

Contact Us for More Information

Are ready to find a clearer solution to your vision problem? If so, please contact Nationwide Vision to book a consultation to find out if Clear Lens Exchange is the right vision correction surgery for you. Schedule an appointment by calling (877) 222-4218 today.