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Are Your Contact Lenses Uncomfortable?

Though many trust our talented and experienced Arizona eye doctors with everything from glaucoma screenings to annual checkups to LASIK eye surgery, another area in which our optometrists truly excel is contact lens exams and selection. And while we certainly see a number of patients who are getting contacts for the very first time, many come to our skilled doctors searching for relief from one painful and aggravating problem: uncomfortable contact lenses. Though not often a serious health issue, wearing the wrong pair of contact lenses can cause irritation, redness, dryness, and in severe cases, infection. And while there often a multitude of reasons behind contact lens discomfort (from a poor fit to allergies to insufficient hygiene practices), the best way to combat and reverse contact lens discomfort is by immediately scheduling an Arizona eye exam. Here at Nationwide Vision, our trusted team of Arizona eye doctors is dedicated to ending that discomfort and finding you the perfect new match. The first step is to undergo a comprehensive contact lens exam, through which your dedicated optometrists will determine which lenses will give you both the most comfort and the clearest vision. From there, your Nationwide Vision optometrist will teach you how to combat any future problems, should you face any amount of discomfort. Because of Arizona’s fluctuating temperatures and excessively dry climate, your optometrist will walk you through, step by step, the proper way to care for your contact lenses, no matter what environmental factors you may be dealing with. And finally, based on your doctor’s recommendation and due to our wide selection of brands (from color-enhancement lenses to lenses designed for those with astigmatism), you’ll be able to select and walk away with the perfect fit for you. To learn more about our wide contact lens selection or to say goodbye to contact lens discomfort for good, schedule an appointment by visiting us today at