Use Your Vision Benefits Before They Expire!

Did you know vision benefits included in your health plan expire at the end of the year?

If you were unaware of this, then you’re included in a large group of people who didn’t know “use it or lose it” applies to vision health insurance. If you do not use up all the money allotted to you before December 31, 2019, it will not roll over into 2020.

Insurance differs from provider to provider, however, most plans cover eyeglass frames, comprehensive eye exams, and even stipends that can be used for extra pairs of glasses

Contacts and contact exams are usually considered electives, although some insurance companies will cover both. 

Check with your insurance carrier to see what benfits are covered, and then call us to schedule an appointment before the year (and your benefits) run out.

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I was very pleased with the whole process. Everyone was very professional. I received a very nice discount as well. I would recommend Nationwide to anyone i know.

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