World Sight Day (October 10th, 2019)

October 07, 2019

While the weather starts to cool down (and we start to think about the Halloween costume we might wear later in the month), there is something much scarier to take into consideration: Our eye health.

Although some of us are lucky enough to have easy access to regular eye exams and health insurance and do not have to worry about our vision health, many individuals across the globe are less fortunate.

What is World Sight Day?

As a result of so many people with limited access to vision care, passionate organizations such as the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have teamed to make a change. Their focus is to raise awareness for vision impairment and blindness across the world, while also encouraging governments to review and improve their national eye health initiatives.

Initially founded by the Lions Club International Foundation, World Sight Day has been celebrated on the second Thursday in October since 1990.

To create further buzz and passion for their campaign, the IAPB launches a new theme for each year’s World Sight Day; this year’s theme is Vision First!

Statistics that keep them going:

Below are some statistics from a 2015 study as to why so many of these organizations are dedicated to improving vision health across the globe:

  • Of the 7.3 billion individuals alive in 2015, 217 million of them were living with severe or moderate distance vision impairment.
  • Of these individuals with vision impairment, females made up 55%.
  • Also, individuals who come from low or middle-income countries made up 89% of those who were visually impaired. 
  • Thirty-six million individuals were declared blind.

For more information on World Sight Day and other statistics regarding global eye health visit these websites: 

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