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Providing you with excellent, caring Optometrists is a testament to the mission of Nationwide Optometry to improve the quality of eye care available to you. The doctors of Nationwide Optometry are here to serve your unique eye care needs, whether that involves conducting comprehensive eye exams or providing medical attention to an eye condition or illness. Finding an Optometrist you can count on is easy when you choose the Doctors of Nationwide Optometry for your eye care needs.


The Doctors of Nationwide Optometry each possess their own unique set of skills that contribute to Nationwide Optometry’s exemplary reputation of providing quality eye care. Boasting countless awards, accolades, and years of experience, their team is what makes this a reality. Over the last 29 years they have made it a point to have only the best doctors to uphold their reputation and ensure that the legacy of being the best eye care providers is eternal.

Nationwide Vision believes in the power of teamwork. Our staff works closely with the Doctors of Nationwide Optometry to deliver the best patient-care experience possible. This collaborative approach ensures that every patient is satisfied with their experience each time they visit us.

What our customers are saying:

Office staff is always great. Dr. explained clearly the procedure and set good expectations. Was quick, easy, and the next day I feel like nothing had ever been done to my eye. No pain.

- Claudia Q

My overall experience was excellent. I liked how I could have my pre-ops in Tucson, since there is only one Surgery Center. Joe in Tucson was wonderful. He called me back promptly and alleviated my concerns about the surgery. Overall, a great experience.

- Christopher E

Everyone at Nationwide was very helpful. I am very grateful for the time you took to help us find the right pair of glasses for me.

- Pat S

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*All exams performed by Associate Doctors of Nationwide Optometry.