Get Your Frame On – Best Frames for Your Face Shape.

August 18, 2016

Picking out the perfect frames can be overwhelming with walls and walls of options, and you’re not sure where to being! Not to worry, we’ve got some tips and it all starts with your face shape.

So first things first, determine your face shape. Are you Oval, Round, Heart or Square? Not sure, stand in front of the mirror with your hair back and trace an outline of your reflection in the mirror to get an idea. Or take a selfie with your phone to get a good look at the angles. If your forehead is wider than your jawline, then you’re likely a heart. Or if you have a broad jawline then you’re likely a square.

Best-Frames-Blog-Image_tnOval – lucky you! You can wear just about any style. Look for frames that are as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face.

Round – your features will pair well with contrasting geometric frames. Go for the thinner, rectangular eyewear that will add length to your face.

Heart – frames wider than your forehead & thin temples will play up your high cheekbones.

Square – softer, round and oval shaped eyewear is your best bet. Try thin, curved frames and cat-eye styles. And narrow styles that have more width than depth.

Now what color to choose?! Sure those rose colored frames are on trend but do they really look best with your color tones? A few things to consider:

Skin Tone – you’ll either fall in the cool or warm category. Cool complexions have pink & blue undertones and warm complexions have yellow/peach/cream undertones. Olive skin is considered cool actually since it’s a mix of both blue & yellow.

Eye Color – determine cool or warm category, just like your skin tone.

Hair Color – also warm or cool. Blonde, strawberry blonde, ash, light brown, grey, salt & pepper, white are all considered cool. Golden blonde, brown, gold, black & “carrot” are all considered warm.

Now that you have your personal color tones defined you can play around with which color frames look best. Warm palettes should check out peach, copper, browns, gold, caramel, coral, orange, cream, red & light tortoise. Cool palettes should try black, silver, rose, blue, gray, plum, magenta, pink, green & dark tortoise.

Remember to have fun and be playful! This is your chance to really express your individual style. The best frames for you will play up your personal best features. Stop in and check out our selection and have some fun trying on a variety of frames that will work best with your face shape, tone and coloring. For a location near you, please use our convenient location finder.

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