What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are clouded formations that develop on the crystalline lens of the eye. These painless blurs can prevent light from passing through the retina, causing loss of vision. Cataracts most commonly develop naturally as a part of the aging process. In addition, cataracts can result from exposure to toxic substances, disease such as diabetes, or after a physical injury to the eye. Through one of our comprehensive eye exams, a Nationwide Vision optometrist can diagnose and oftentimes correct cataract-related vision problems with glasses or contacts. Individuals with advanced cataracts oftentimes need to undergo a procedure called IOL (Intraocular Lens) to replace their eye’s natural crystalline lens with a new one.


Cataract Surgery in Arizona

Nationwide Vision offers cataract surgery for our patients experiencing loss of vision as the result of clouded formations on the lens of the eye(s). Cataract surgery offered at our medical centers removes the natural lens of the eye and replaces it with a synthetic, transparent intraocular lens drastically improving the patient’s vision.

Cataract surgery options are available at Nationwide Vision to our patients experiencing minor to full loss of vision as a result of single or multiple cataracts on the crystalline lens of the eye. Most commonly, metabolic changes associated with age contribute to the formation of cataracts on the eye; however, injury can also play a role if the lens of the eye becomes damaged as a result. Meeting with a Nationwide Vision optometrist annually for a comprehensive eye exam will help you stay on top of eye diseases and illnesses associated with age before they cause problems with your vision.


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