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Phoenix Eye Care History

After 25 years in Arizona, Nationwide Vision remains dedicated to advancing Phoenix eye care. Our long history providing eye care needs in Arizona has allowed us to make lasting relationships with our valued patients while improving the health of their eyes and vision. We aim to make finding a qualified Phoenix eye doctor as easy as scheduling your first appointment with us. This is possible because we hire only the best, from our front desk staff to our award winning optometrists and ophthalmologists.

At our 14 Phoenix Nationwide Vision locations, our doctors and staff feel just as strongly today about giving you the eye care you deserve as we did when Nationwide was originally founded back in 1985. Our first Phoenix Nationwide Vision location opened in early [date] and has been serving our patients individual eye care needs ever since. Today, our 60+ locations throughout Arizona continue to provide exceptional Phoenix eye care to all of our patients at every stage of their eye care journeys, and our staff makes an effort to establish lasting relationships that foster patient satisfaction. The demand for quality eye care in Phoenix has continued to grow ever since we opened our first Phoenix office three decades ago, and Nationwide Vision is dedicated to meeting that demand with excellent service and quality staff.


Our Services

Providing Phoenix eye care satisfaction to all of our patients is our number one goal. We know that in order to meet this goal we first have to start with an extensive offering of eye care services designed to meet the unique needs of every patient that walks through our doors. Whether you need medical attention to an eye disease or illness, or think it might be time to get fitted for glasses, we aim to provide you with exceptional care and clearer vision, and to make your experience with Nationwide Vision an advantageous and pleasant one. Finding a Phoenix eye doctor shouldn’t have to be difficult, and if you entrust Nationwide Vision with your eye care needs it won’t be.

For a comprehensive list of specific services offered at our Phoenix Nationwide Vision locations, please see below:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Eyeglass/Contact Lens Exam
  • Confrontation Visual Field-Testing
  • Pupillary Test
  • Eye Pressure Test
  • Dilated Fundus Examination
  • Corrective Eye Surgery
  • Etc.

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You deserve to have the best access possible to the best Phoenix eye care available; no exceptions. At Nationwide Vision we don’t believe in long lines at our stores and waiting times on the telephone. Scheduling an appointment with Nationwide Vision is the first step toward obtaining the right eye care that you deserve, and we like to make it as convenient as possible. To better assist all of our Phoenix eye care patients, we offer two methods for scheduling appointments.
1. Fill out a short online appointment form, or
2. Call any of our locations to make an appointment with a Phoenix eye doctor

Instead of rearranging your schedule, we work with you to determine the best time to book your appointment with us so you don’t miss out on other things like work meetings and school activities. Begin receiving the best patient service and Phoenix eye care available to you when you book your first appointment with Nationwide Vision today!

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What our customers are saying:

I was very pleased with the whole process. Everyone was very professional. I received a very nice discount as well. I would recommend Nationwide to anyone i know.

- Keith F

The staff was absolutely amazing and very helpful with everything. All my questions were answered. I highly recommend Nationwide Vision Laser and Medical Eye Center for anyone considering LASIK.

- Nada D

Office staff is always great. Dr. explained clearly the procedure and set good expectations. Was quick, easy, and the next day I feel like nothing had ever been done to my eye. No pain.

- Claudia Q